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Q. NinjaVan Online Return Service

Introducing online return service using NinjaVan to return your UNIQLO online purchase. 

This return & refund service is applicable for online order with ONLINE PAYMENT only.

For other return methods, please refer the following:
Return for in-store purchase, please click (here).
Return for Pay-in-Store online order, please click (here).
Exchange inquiry, please click (here)

How it Works

1) Submit your online order and return information (here).

2) Input your online order number

*Please use the email address that registered as UNIQLO online membership. 
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3) Input the product name, unit price and quantity that you would like to return. 
*example below
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4) If you are returning more than 1 item, click 【Add】>【+ Add Return Item】and repeat step 3).
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5) Fill up your home address. 
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6) Choose Pick Up or Drop Off service.
Pick Up - Request NinjaVan come & pick up your parcel (home/ office). Reservation available for next day or the day after. 

Drop Off - Drop your returned parcel in any of Ninja point (here).

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7) Confirm your return information. No amendment allowed once confirmed and & completed the payment.

8) Once payment has been completed, you will receive a tracking ID (shipping label) via email. Please write down the tracking ID on the package, or print it out and tape it on the outside of the package.

How to Pack

1) Pack your item into box/ poly bag. You may reuse the original delivery package.

2) Fill in the Return Form & Invoice. Pack it inside your package.

3) Seal the packaging. Write down tracking ID on the package, or print it out and tape it on the outside of the package.

Postage Rate

1) Pick Up - $5.50
*Schedule a driver to pick up your package from home.

2) Drop Off - $3.50
*Bring the package to Ninja Point (here) to drop off for return.

Refund & Processing Time

Your parcel will return to our warehouse for refund within 5 working days (starting from the day your parcel handover to NinjaVan). 

Once your return has been confirmed, the amount will be refunded into your original payment mode. You will also receive an notification for every successful refund confirmed. 

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Frequently Asked Question

The return tracking ID showing as invalid when I attempt to drop off the returned parcel.

Only selected NinjaVan drop off points can accept the returned parcel. Please ensure to visit the correct Ninja Point and check the service availability before your visit:

Find a Ninja Point: Click (here)
Remark: Please filter with option【Return a parcel】to check the Ninja Point availability.
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The payment failed and I didn't receive the tracking ID (shipping label) but my bank deducted the payment amount.

Should you encounter any issue with the payment during checkout or didn't receive the email for tracking ID (shipping label), please email for further assist. 

Can I submit multiple online orders in one return?

Yes, you can return multiple online orders in one return. Please indicate the online order number for each returned item under 【Description】(Step 3) to avoid wrong refund. 

Please include your each online order INVOICE and RETURN FORM inside your returned parcel.

Where can I find the NinjaVan Drop Off points?

You can find the drop off location (Ninja Point) in the below website:

Remark: Please filter with option【Return a parcel】to check the Ninja Point availability.

How to check the delivery status for my returned parcel?

Once your online return submission is confirmed, NinjaVan will send you an email with a tracking ID.

You may trace your parcel return status via NinjaVan tracking page (here).

Which items are not allowed for return?

Innerwear and packaged items cannot be exchanged or returned due to our strict hygiene policy.

Do you accept return or exchange for items that have been altered?

We do not accept return or exchange for item that had been altered (shorten/ hemmed). 

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