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Q. Stay Vigilant Against Fake Emails & Accounts

Please be guided of the official UNIQLO social media accounts:
● Facebook: Uniqlo Singapore
● Instagram: uniqlosg
● Tiktok: @uniqlosg

Please be beware when opening an unsolicited email of fake accounts that are pretending UNIQLO. A fraudster may be on the other end.

UNIQLO is NOT using an email accounts without the certification mark or Gmail to announce any campaign or contact customer.

Phishing email, also known as spoofing or hoax emails, appear to be from legitimate companies. These emails try to convince you to click an URL link to resolve an urgent matter involving your UNIQLO account or online order. 

If you receive (1) or (2) below, DO NOT click any links, DO NOT open any attachments, DO NOT reply to the message. Please delete the entire message & block the fake account to prevent further damage.

Alternatively, please contact our customer care team on the below【Chat Support】or【By Email】.

(1) Messages from accounts without the certification mark (blue tick)
*UNIQLO official accounts are marked with the following certification mark next to the account name.
User-added image 
(2) Fake email account from Gmail address such as

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