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Q. About Product Review

Your feedback is important to us. By sharing your feedback and review with us, we constantly improve our product. 

Check out simple steps below on how to write a review:

Note: Every product may only submit once and the review take up to 48 hours to reflect.

1) Login to your online account and select the product you wish to review.

User-added image

2) Click on [WRITE A REVIEW] at the bottom part of the page.

User-added image

3) Rate the product, create your review title, comment and fill out the required information. 
(Avoid using different nickname when submit)

User-added image

4) Read & agree the Terms of Use and click the [PREVIEW] button. 

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5) Once all information confirmed, click the [SUBMIT] button.

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You will see a confirmation page upon submission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I review more than 1 time for the same product?

Unfortunately, 1 customer only can submit 1 review for each product. If you like to re-submit the product review, we welcome you to contact our customer service via 'Chat Support' button (bottom page) or email (here)to share your product feedback instead. 

What if I don't want people to identify me as the reviewer?

We only display the writer's nickname for each product review in our webpage. Under Nickname field, you can create your own nickname to identify your comment instead of sharing your true name. If the Nickname field left blank, nothing will be displayed.

Please avoid using multiple different nickname as you may failed to submit the product review.

Why I cannot submit my review and receive error page?

Please avoid using multiple different nickname when submit the product review.

You will receive an error page during your submission if
1) Try to submit more than once for the same product.
2) Use emoji in the comment.

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