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Q. Pace Card

A new way to pay later for your online shopping at UNIQLO.

Pace Card is a virtual card that allows you to split your purchase into three interest-free payments in 60 days.

Download the Pace Pay App and set up your Pace Card to start shopping.

How to Use

- Pace Card can only be used for online purchases at (here) or UNIQLO SG App.
- Pace Card cannot be used for the Pay in Store payment method on (here) or UNIQLO SG App.
- Download the Pace App and create a Pace Account before creating your Virtual Pace Card at no cost. 
- Click on UNIQLO's thumbnail on the Pace App and carry on shoppping at UNIQLO's online store.
- Add items to cart and before you checkout, click【Pay with Pace Card】and input your purchase amount.
- When you obtain the 16 digit Pace Card number, expiry date and 3 digit CVC number, go back to UNIQLO's website and input these details under 【Credit Card】.
- Confirm Purchase and you are done.

Pace Voucher

Pace Vouchers are voucher codes offered in the Pace App, to be used within Pace App only.

Pace Vouchers are not to be confused with UNIQLO App Coupons, as only UNIQLO App Coupons can be used within UNIQLO App. 

How to Use:
To redeem the Pace Vouchers, please check if you are eligible for the vouchers (e.g. meeting the minimum spend).
- Select【Pay with Pace Card】or authorise payment amount on your Pace Card within the Pace App.
- Select【Add voucher】at the payment confirmation page on the Pace App, and apply the Pace Voucher you wish to use. 
- The total amount payable by you will be reduced by the value of the Vouchers, with the remaining balance to be split into the number of instalments shown in the Pace Platform.

For information on UNIQLO App Coupons, please visit our FAQ (here).

- Vouchers can only be used once for a single Pace Buy transaction. Additional specific conditions may apply for the redemption of the Vouchers, such as the validity period for redemption, the minimum spend, and maximum value of the Vouchers (Specific Conditions). You can view these Specific Conditions for each individual Voucher in the Pace Platform at Account > Vouchers and Account > Refer and Earn.
- Unless otherwise stated in the Specific Conditions, a Voucher cannot be “stacked” or used in combination with any other Voucher(s), promotion, or discount through the Pace Platform.
- Under no circumstances will Vouchers be exchangeable, refundable, or substituted for cash, credit, discounts, or any form of goods or services.
- If your Pace Buy transaction is reversed, refunded, or subject to a Chargeback, whether wholly or partially, and for any reason, UNIQLO or Pace will not be responsible for refunding to you the Vouchers in any form.

For more information, please visit Pace's Terms of Service (here).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pace Card?

Pace Card is a virtual card that allows you to shop with your favourite merchants and split your payments into 3 interest-free instalments. 

How to use Pace Card?

1) Shop at Pace Card Exclusive Stores
Shop at your favourite Pace card exclusive merchants.

2) Add to Cart
Add your desired items into your cart.

3) Authorise Amount
Authorise the purchase amount on your Pace Card.

4) Select Credit Card at Checkout
Select the credit card option during checkout and enter the Pace card information, as you would with any other card.

5) Complete Purchase
Complete your purchase and get rewarded with Pace perks points for every purchase!

Click (here) to view the detailed steps.

Can I use the Pace Card in store?

The Pace Card is currently only available for use online on (here) and UNIQLO App.

There is an error message when I apply the Pace Voucher in the UNIQLO App?

Pace Vouchers are for use at the payment confirmation page within the Pace App only. Pace Vouchers should not be confused with UNIQLO App Coupons.

For use in Pace App: Please check if you have met the eligibility criteria for vouchers, for example meeting the minimum spend (if applicable) or if vouchers have been fully redeemed

Can I request for a return & refund if I used the Pace Card for payment?

All return & refund will be processed as per any other online purchases made with other payment methods such as credit or debit card.

For more information in how to exchange, please visit our FAQ (here).

Is using Pace Card in my Digital Wallet, safe and secure?

The Pace Card has no stored value. And since the Pace Card is a virtual card, there is no risk of card theft.

What is Pace Perks?

Pace Perks is an exclusive program that allows you to earn Perks with your purchases, and convert them into discounts for your future purchases.

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