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Q. Order Cancellation & Amendment

You have the option to cancel your order within 30 minutes after checkout.

However, order amendment function (change size, color or shipping address) is UNAVAILABLE at the moment.

How To Cancel Order

1) Login to your online account

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2) Click the [Human] icon on upper right and click [Order History]
For App user, please click [MEMBERSHIP] > [ORDER HISTORY]
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3) Find your online order and click the button [Cancel] 

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4) Order Status will be shown as [Cancelled] once successful

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You will receive your refund in the next 7-14 working days after successfully cancelled your order.

If you are unable to cancel your online order (exceeded 30 minutes after checkout), you may consider an online return or exchange once you receive your order. For more information about return, please click here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I amend my online order (size/ colour) or cancel 1 item only?

We only able to cancel the whole online order within 30 minutes order is confirmed.

You may consider returning or exchange if chosen wrong item in your online order.

Please find below for more details:

● Exchange: Click here
● Refund for [Online Payment] Purchase: Click here
● Refund for [Pay in Store] Online Purchase: Click here

I like to change/ update my shipping address for Home Delivery online order.

You may cancel the online order within 30 mins after the order confirmed and place a new online order with correct details.

If your online order proceeded and shipped, please contact the assigned courier service for further assist to change your details

I had cancelled my online order but not receiving the refund yet.

Once the online order cancelled successfully, the payment transaction will be cancelled immediately.

However, your payment credit/ debit card issuing bank may require 7-14 business days to reflect the said amount in your account. Feel free to reach our customer care team below 【CHAT SUPPORT】or【By Email】should the amount not reflecting yet after the mentioned period. 

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